CoverUS’s mission is to make healthcare more affordable, give you control over your most private health information, and help power new innovations in life-saving medical research. This starts with creating a trusted relationship with you, the CoverUS member.

CoverUS has built its business around caring about your medical health, your financial health, and your data health.

When it comes to the latter, we don’t just have a privacy policy – we give you the information and the power to make smart choices about how your data is collected and used throughout your experience with CoverUS.  We call our data governance policy and the technology that enables it the Respect Framework.

Unlike companies that profit from data about you without your knowledge, our aim is to help you profit from this data and from your attention, while empowering you to understand exactly what you’re sharing, and helping you to make smart choices about what to share and what not to.  

Our business model is simple — we make money when you make money. We take a small percentage of anything that you as a member earn through CoverUS, so when it comes to the opportunities we present to you in our app, we are on your side.

Learn more about the RESPECT Framework

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