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Advisory Board


Phil Williams

Phil is a technologist and strategist across multiple fields. In health, he has an expert knowledge of the technology that health systems need to deliver efficient and effective care, and the transformations they’re seeking as they move to value-based care.

Currently, Phil serves as Director of Strategic Partnerships at Orion Health, a New Zealand based health information exchange (HIE) technology vendor. Orion’s clinical and health data integration products are widely used in APAC, US, Canadian and European markets. Previously at Orion, he led the product direction for the companies mobile Apps for patients and clinicians. Phil has particular expertise in single-payer health markets including New Zealand, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia.

In his previous work, Phil has written advice to the NZ government for effective classification and regulation of token-based Blockchain technologies, led co-innovation projects for global financial services organizations, evaluated tech startups for acquisition on behalf of a listed company, and grown a digital design agency to scale entirely on cash-flow, achieving a successful exit to a larger agency.

An industrial designer by training, Phil has a strong belief in the powers of human-centred design to improve any system or process, physical or digital. He is a strident advocate of digital data rights, and a campaigner for changes to our democratic processes that will enhance global equality.