CoverUS Wins Consensys Blockchain Hackathon

[Dec 8, 2018 -- BROOKLYN, NY]

Between September 7th and October 7th, 2017 more than 60 teams from over 120 locations across the globe came together in the Consensys Blockchain for Social Impact (BSIC) virtual hackathon. The focus of this competition was to test the potential for Blockchain and cryptocurrency to generate solutions across four focus areas: Financial Inclusion, Supply Chain, Identity and Vulnerable Populations, and Energy and Environment.

CoverUS was named the winner in the financial inclusion category for its innovative solution to closing the financial gap in healthcare through blockchain-powered wallets that help individuals take control over their health data. 

"This wasn’t a hackathon for one-off ideas, said Consensys's Ben Siegel. "We called it a 'Decentralized Impact Accelerator,' because we challenged teams to create more than just code. The teams rose to the occasion and astonished us with creative and sophisticated solutions to some of the world’s most urgent problems."

Each team was independently reviewed by three randomly-chosen judges from 21 of the most reputable names in the industry. The judges scored projects’ market opportunity readiness, product market fit, impact, and innovation. The Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition is a community of entrepreneurs, humanitarians, and technologists who are committed to sharing resources in order mobilize the blockchain towards global social and environmental goals.