Top Ratings firm says CoverUS could be “one of the most important companies built over the next 10 years."

KingsCrowd, the first independent, institutional-grade tool to analyze crowdfunding deals has named CoverUS a “Deal To Watch” -- a distinction reserved for the top 10-20% of companies analyzed across the entire equity crowdfunding market. While acknowledging the risks associated with investing in a company with such an ambitious aim as CoverUS, KingsCrowd says that: 

“CoverUS’s mission appears to be structured with the right balance of market forces and ethics to achieve its goals. There are powerful companies, laws and constituents who will not want consumers to own their data. CoverUS has assembled the right type of team to tackle this heady situation, hopefully they can anticipate and/or address all the bumps in the road to achieve their mission. 

If this team can overcome these regulatory hurdles and become the unanimous data solution for the healthcare market, it will be one of the most important companies built over the next 10 years.”

Invest in CoverUS for as little as $100