You shouldn't have to be wealthy to be healthy


Making health care more affordable for everyone, everywhere


25% of Americans can't afford an unexpected medical bill of $100. Financial exclusion from the health system is an even bigger problem worldwide. The result is hundreds of thousands of deaths annually, and hundreds of billions in economic losses.

Meanwhile, private companies are making tens of billions of dollars by collecting and selling medical data whenever someone goes to the hospital, visit their doctor, makes an insurance claim, or even fills a prescription. This happens without permission, and puts individual privacy at risk.

Individuals should own their own healthcare data.  CoverUS connects our members to the medical industry, and financially rewards them while helping to power the life-saving healthcare innovations of tomorrow.

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The CoverUS App

Simply connect your health data to the CoverUS app, sync up any devices, and begin earning financial rewards for answering health surveys, adhering to doctor's orders, and helping to grow the community. With CoverUS, your identity and data privacy is protected. 


Health is extremely personal. Privacy must be protected. 

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Why is healthcare so inefficient?

Health data is notoriously fragmented, inaccurate, and out of date, in part because health is personal and private, and in part because many people can't afford to get care when they should. 

Blockchain technologies can help solve both the data problem and the economic problem, by compensating individuals financially for sharing their data when it creates value or reduces risk in the health system. Moreover, these technologies are particularly effective in preserving user privacy -- allowing CoverUS members to share discreet data elements with specified partners without the worry of losing control of their data.  


CoverUS drives medical industry innovation

By putting consumers in control of their data and engaging with them directly, CoverUS offers the medical industry valuable new research tools:

  • Consumer health data enriched with “real world data” and patient-reported outcomes
  • Up-to-date data (reducing existing data decay and infrastructure costs)
  • A global platform for forming direct patient relationships at scale
  • Enhanced trust with patients and healthcare consumers