The health payment solution that

Give patients a simple, flexible way to pay their out-of-pocket costs. Reduce skipped appointments, build loyalty, and find new patients. Get paid instantly, always.


Why CoverUS Pay?

When patients get healthier,
So does your business


Health Now, Pay Later

Your patients can spread payments over up to 12 weeks, with no interest or fees. So they can stop delaying care, and you can increase your utilization.

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Attract New Patients

Joining the CoverUS Pay network gives you free placement in our provider marketplace – helping new patients find you. Grow your health business with no additional marketing spend.

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The Payment App Patients Love

Create positive, long-term relationships with your patients by making their payments easy and flexible. Wallets can be funded by connected card or employer contributions.

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Pricing you’ll ❤️

You always receive the full amount at the time of service, whether patients choose to spread out payments or not. Say goodbye to billing and collections hassles.

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Increase Utilization

CoverUS Pay removes worries about upfront costs, so patients stop delaying care, and increase the amount they spend on health.
Result: better health outcomes, and more business for you.

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Get Paid Instantly, Always

You always receive the full amount at the time of service, whether patients choose to spread out payments or not. Say goodbye to billing and collections hassles.

How It Works

for Patients

Sign up for free

Sign up from a smartphone – ready to transact in 2 minutes. Patients are immediately approved for Health Now – Pay Later credit.

Connect a card

Patients connect a debit card to fund their health wallet – we'll reward them $10.

Show the code

Patient taps 'transact' and shows the 4-letter code.

Pay their way

They can pay from their connected card, their wallet balance, or spread out payments up to 12 weeks with Health Now – Pay Later.

for Health Businesses

Get started fast, for free

Onboarding is quick and simple – no upfront fees or complicated integrations. Our merchant portal is easy to use, and we're here for you every step.

Accept payments

Just enter the patient's 4-digit code and the transaction amount. They see the transaction details, and complete the payment (or transact online or through email.) It's easy, secure, and private. And you get paid instantly, always.

Full reporting

See full transaction history, filter by status, and download to CSV.

Group 365

Health Now,
Pay Later

CoverUS Pay lets your patients spread the cost of a health expense over up to 12 weeks - with no interest or fees. So they can stop delaying care, and you can increase utilization - a win for everyone.

Pricing you will ❤️

CoverUS Pay gives you a flexible payment solution your patients will love – plus a way to recruit new patients – for just a bit more than you pay for credit card transactions.

You only pay a small transaction fee when a patient transacts using CoverUS Pay.

  • No upfront fees
  • No onboarding
  • No maintenance fees
  • No contract lock-in

Payments Anywhere


In Store

Take payments in store easily from any device through our web merchant portal.

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We’ve got telemedicine and phone consults covered with our remote payment flow.

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Easily send requests for payment via email or web link.

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Help Patients Find You

With mounting out-of-pocket costs, patients are looking for providers who can help them stay healthy while managing their costs. When you join the CoverUS Pay network, thousands of health consumers can find you through our provider marketplace. So you can grow your practice with no additional marketing spend.

Potential customer increase
Increase in repurchase rate
Growth in sales

Let's Have A Chat

Ready to take CoverUS Pay for a spin? We'd love to learn about your health business and show you how easy it is to start helping patients with their out-of-pocket costs.