Healthy Employees Are Engaged Employees

Connecting employers with employee wellbeing by providing a trusted health wallet for contributions. With Employer Aid, staff can access pre-defined health services from an accessible CoverUS medical provider with complete autonomy.


How Employer Aid Works



Employers choose how they would like to contribute. Selecting amount, frequency and pre-defined restrictions on service types.



Staff can autonomously and proactively access health when they need it, from the services their employer has chosen to support.



Check the impact of your contributions and gain valuable insights on benefits of Employer Aid in your company through our employer portal.

The Solution For Companies Who Care

Employer Aid allows effective businesses to:

  • Reduce exposure to insurance cost
  • Reduce absenteeism / presenteeism
  • Improve employee retention
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improve employee satisfaction

CoverUS Pay is reshaping the way employers engage with employees' health expenses – ensuring every dollar goes exactly where it should. When employees can afford their out-of-pocket costs, they stop delaying care, serious conditions are averted, and productivity increases.


With You Every Step Of The Way

With CoverUS Pay our partners are the heros of our story we are constantly looking for opportunities to increase the the utilization of their health services. Our solution offers a space to market your business and brand, reaching new potential health users.

Be An Employer Of Choice

Get your company started on their CoverUS Pay journey and providing accessible health for your whole team.


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      Employers contributing to healthcare promotes employee acquisition of health. Funds contributed are interlinked with our trusted network of health providers across every sector of health.

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