Engineering Lead


Armando Peña

A computer scientist with 30 years of programming experience and particular expertise in mobile development, Mr. Peña is the Engineering Lead for CoverUS, leading application architecture and managing a team of developers.

Prior to CoverUS, Mr. Peña founded the VC-backed Tinkering Inc. Applications Lab to serve as an incubator and test bed of various advanced applications focusing primarily on blockchain and fintech applications in the healthcare realm, real-time data, AR facial tracking based applications, and artificial intelligence algorithms applied to image processing.

Prior to Tinkering, Mr. Peña co-founded P4RC, a gaming rewards network. As CTO of P4RC Mr. Peña was responsible for P4RC’s software architecture as well as managing all areas of software development including mobile clients, SDKs, and back-end development. Responsibilities included managing a number of distributed development and QA teams in Ukraine, India, and the US and coordinating technological approaches and development schedules across the teams.

Prior to P4RC Mr. Peña worked as VP of Mobile Technology for Image Metrics corp where he lead the porting of Image Metrics’ world class facial tracking technology from PC environments to mobile environments on iOS and Android. Mr Peña also founded and was CEO/CTO of Fotochatter Inc which operated from 2006 to 2010 and was one of the largest pure mobile social networks with 3 Million monthly active users.

Prior to Fotochatter Mr Peña co-founded GoPix Inc which received funding from Reid Hoffman and was one of the earliest smartphone based app startups in 2003.

Mr. Peña was also Director of Technology at Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment where he lead the developer of Screenblast (a precursor to Youtube) and built and lead a team of 30 software engineers from the ground up.

Mr. Peña began his career at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA where as a Sr. Software Engineer he participated in the development of software for various flight projects including the Mars Pathfinder and the New Millennium Program where he acted as liaison between JPL and NASA Ames Research Center.

Mr. Peña holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Cal Poly Pomona University. His primary area of expertise is in highly scalable, highly available distributed services and mobile software engineering.

Mr. Peña has been working on mobile software development since 2002.