CoverUS helps you protect and profit from your health data and engagement. We are hard at work building our app -- here is a sneak peek at the early stages of the product:

Health Data:

The engine that drives CoverUS is your health data, which is kept anonymized in the app, and allows the medical industry to send you targeted offers for high-value earning opportunities without compromising your privacy. We recognize that engaging with health data online is a complicated process for most people, and we are working with available technology and partners to make this as simple as possible.

Data Security  and Privacy:

Before we help you monetize your health data, an important challenge for CoverUS is to help protect it: from theft, from inadvertent disclosure, and from uses that you do not consent to. Our forthcoming RESPECT data governance framework will provide industry-leading data protection and privacy that is easy to engage with.

Data Monetization and Engagement:

CoverUS believes that you shouldn’t have to be wealthy to be healthy, and we want to help you profit from your data and engagement. We will execute this in ways that retain the same value and usability of the best consumer rewards and cash-back programs.