The CoverUS app helps you harness the power of your personal data to earn money and save on health costs, while protecting your privacy.

CoverUS MVP Pilot App

CoverUS MVP Pilot App


With CoverUS, you can better manage your health costs by connecting some basic data to our app, getting paid to answer simple questions about your medical conditions and lifestyle, and taking advantage of special discounts on the prescriptions, products, and services you need to stay healthy.

The money you earn is yours -- spend it on a doctor’s visit, prescription, or anything you wish!

Unlike other websites and apps that profit from collecting more of your data than you may realize, you are in control every step of the way with CoverUS. We ask for information about simply to match you with the best, most personalized offers to earn and save, and we take your privacy seriously.

Best of all? With CoverUS, you’re not only lessening the pain of your own healthcare bills, you are helping to move lmedical research forward to benefit people just like you.

Stay tuned for updates on our pilot program — soon you’ll be able to join CoverUS and start earning.