The mission of CoverUS is to make healthcare more affordable for everyone, everywhere.

We do this by building the most valuable consumer-connected, fully consented health data asset in the world. We believe that an engaged CoverUS member can earn $1,500 per year through the app — enough to wipe out the average medical debt carried by 42.9 million Americans.




Leadership and Staff


Andrew Hoppin

CEO and Co-Founder

Christopher Sealey

President and Co-Founder

Peter Shanley

Senior Advisor and Co-Founder

Andy Laken

EVP, Product & Technology


Nidhi Gopiani

Associate, Product

Mohnish Mehta

Associate, Business


Armando Pena

Engineering Lead


Anouk Ruhaak

Data Governance Lead


Advisory Board

Alexis McGill Johnson

Former Global Board Chair, Planned Parenthood

Phil Williams

Former Director of Innovation, Orion Health

Bryan Sivak

Former Global Board Chair, Planned Parenthood

Efe Ekhaese

Director of Life Sciences, Skill Capital

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 12.51.02 AM.png

William Klitgaard

Former CFO and CIO, Covance

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 12.53.34 AM.png

Sari Miller

Investor and Entrepreneur